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Conan Exiles

Have you been wondering about The Riddle of Steel? Have you pondered your need for an early access open world survival title? Well, then Conan Exiles by Funcom may be exactly what you need.


Announced back in January this year, Conan Exiles is hitting one of the most popular genres on Steam with the well known Conan IP. That genre, of course, being that of Early Access Open World Survival Multiplayer Building genre, which has helped propel games like Day Z and Ark: Survival Evolved to prominence. What makes Conan Exiles stand out in the genre are some new systems, a high profile IP, and a single player mode. Relatively few games in this genre include a single player experience, with games like The Long Dark being the exception, although Conan Exiles single player will be less of a story mode like The Long Dark, and more of a single player version of the multiplayer game.

Planning to hit Steam's Early Access program on September 13th, Conan Exiles plan for early access involves being there for up to a year to add features and tune the game. The trailer above is gameplay pre-alpha footage of the game, and it will eventually be making its way to consoles as well. They are also partnering with NVIDIA through NVIDIA's 'The Way It's Meant To Be Played' program to help push the graphics, which appear to be on par with games like Ark: Survival Evolved, and the partnership will bring support for things like Gameworks. 

Pre-Alpha footage may describe that hair...
Pre-Alpha footage may describe that hair...

Speaking on the announcement, Funcom CEO Rui Casis said, "The team wants to give the players the best possible experience, and while we are used to working on a game for several years before letting players in, this time around we will let players in just nine months after development started! As with any Early Access games, some features and content will be more finalized than others, and players will be able to help us focus on what’s important to them so that we can improve the game and flesh out content and systems before full launch."

The developers had an AMA over on Reddit earlier today, if you want to read about the game a bit more. It clarified some points about what will be in the Early Access launch, and some points of focus overall in combat (shields and blocking, but no parry system), a thrall system they haven't detailed, a basic clan/guild system at launch, and their belief that human NPCs are a clear differentiation for Conan Exiles compared to the competition.

So, can you hear the lamentations of the women? Are you interested in Conan Exiles? Are you wary of Early Access titles like it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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