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Following our E3 announcement of the newest Berserk video game, Famitsu (thanks PlayAsia for the translation!) recently had an interview with Koei Tecmo Games President, Koinuma Nissan.

Within this interview, Nissan shared some light into the gameplay mechanics they're looking at for designing Berserk Musuo, particularly with the main character Guts. Within Berserk, Nissan and his team understood that Guts is a brutal heavy-hitter, and with that they wanted to reflect that aspect within the upcoming title. 

We had a similar problem when developing Fist of the North Star Warriors. Most of the characters are heavy hitters themselves and we wanted to give a more realistic style to the hits. This gives a perfect balance that makes you feel the impact if your hits." - Koinuma Nissan, Famitsu Interview

Nissan also discussed that there will be changes to Guts's combat between the Golden Age, and Black Swordsman's arcs; hinting that the game will probably take place in both storylines. In this, Nissan said that Guts will receive some sort of "boost" that will make his attacks more elegant in the later fights.

In regards to graphics, Nissan said that Berserk Musuo will provide a mix of the manga and anime's visuals. Nissan also promised fans that in addition to fighting bosses like Nosferatu Zodd, there will be scenes from the manga recreated for the game.

When asked about a possible Western release, Nissan said if the opportunity comes up, they will consider releasing the game for North America and Europe.

As the teaser trailer is being shown worldwide we've reached 100,000 replays on YouTube, our whole channel has now 600,000 total views and just the teaser has hit a 1/6 of the views in a day shows me that we have a lot of Berserk fans looking forward to the game." - Koinuma Nissan, Famitsu Interview

According to Nissan, more gameplay details will be released within the next week. Berserk Musuo is set to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam at some point in Japan.

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Quick Take

Much like our writer Perry Ruhland, I too am a huge Berserk fan and absolutely eager for this upcoming release. While there have been a couple Berserk games in the past, unfortunately though none has ever been released here in Australia. Hopefully with this one, Koei Tecmo plays it smart and decides on some sort of English translation.  

What are your thoughts? Have you read any of the Berserk manga? If so, are you excited for this? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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