E3 2015 Microsoft Announces Xbox Elite Controller

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E3 2015 Microsoft Announces Xbox Elite Controller

June 15, 2015

By: Matt M


Microsoft announced the Xbox Elite controller during their E3 Press Conference. This new controller will offer far more precise control and customization options than any previous first party controller for the Xbox brand. The initial trailer shows the ability to swap out the styles of sticks, the underside of the controller and the rather infamous D-pad. There were specialized switches shown that will directly affect the sensitivity of the hairpin triggers.

In conjunction with the earlier Xbox 360 backward compatibility announcement, there will be native functionality with these titles running on the Xbox One. This controller will offer enthusiast options without players needing to resort to specialized third party controllers or awkward official controller modifications. It will work with Windows 10, presumably with the same wireless adapter for the default Xbox One controller. No prices has been revealed yet.

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