E3 2015 - It's Rabbit Season: Blast Em Bunnies Shooter Announced

Published: June 21, 2015 12:16 AM /


Blast Em Bunnies

We just had the famous Duck Game come where you fire at each other as various types of ducks, and a famous Looney Tunes segment would suggest that we need to have some rabbits to balance out this hunting season. From the land down under over in Sydney, Australia, a new shooter with a little bit different style was announced in Blast Em Bunnies. In this shooter you attempt to protect your home from evil bunnies by grabbing your carrot rifle and throwing pumpkin bombs (yes, pumpkin bombs). Creative director Nic Watt of Nnooo, the creators of the game, was quoted in saying "It has a cartoon style but there's a hint of darkness about the game which makes it less cutesy than people might expect." Based on the trailer, it's an wave based shooter trailer where you take out various spawned enemies from a central turret like position.


There are 8 different evil bunnies that you will go up against, from the agile flyer to the aptly named "Throat Slicer" who holds your ally baby bunnies hostage (those poor bunnies.....). You'll attempt to keep your bunny alive as long as you can by using and upgrading your collection of weapons such as the Carrot Rifle, the Turnip Mortar, and the Runner Bean Rail Gun. There's a gun upgrade system with coins that drop in game and even can get you special ammo types with things like self-detonating peppers or daikon rain bullets. Some enemy types will even grant you benefits, as the golden bunny for example will grant you a "frenzy" mode.

I feel sorry for that baby bunny.
I feel sorry for that baby bunny.

There's no indicated release date, however it will be coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program, as well the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and the Nintendo 3DS in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand Later this year. There is no announced price for it, and it is unsure if there is a multiplayer element to the game. Although the game implies that you need to buy the game or the baby bunny gets it, implying that you are a baby bunny killer if you don't get the game. Effective marketing.

Do you have any interest in the game whatsoever on any console, or does the game's weird cartoon style or turret like gameplay just not do it for you? Are you wondering if the only reason I did this news story was the throat slitter bunny and why it feels so out of place compared to everything else?  Because the answer is yes.


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