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Rainbow Six is one of the rare instances of a media that translates so good on another media to take a new and completely separated course there. When Tom Clancy's novel first spawned a videogame, few would have presumed that game would be only the first of a long lasting and successful series. That's what happened with Rainbow Six with Rainbow Six: Siege being the latest installment of the saga. Let's give a look at what info we managed to gather during the E3 2015 and in the following days.

As far as tactical cooperative first person shooters go, Rainbow Six is one of the most recognizable brands out there. With Siege, Ubisoft promises to both continue the legacy of the franchise and introduce new elements to the mix.

Just like the title makes you assume, Rainbow Six: Siege will approach a more "attacker versus defender" kind of gameplay. Players will take control of Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) operators, each with its own specialization. Following the tradition of the franchise, these operators will come from special units from all around the world, meaning that we'll take control of operators from Mossad, FBI, Sismi or any other intelligence/special unit agency you may think of.

The "Siege" style of gameplay will be substantial in the gameplay. Defenders will have to fortify their position, making barricades and setting traps while attackers will make use of reconnaissance and a grappling system in order to breach the defenses and complete the objective. Desctructable ambient will be pivotal in the gameplay. Players will be able to destruct walls to open new lines of fire or create new accesses while opening holes in the ceiling or floor.

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There will be 3 main game modes in Rainbow Six: Siege. The most anticipated one is probably Terrorhunt, historically the preferred way to play Rainbow Six games. The available game modes will be:

  • Multiplayer (PvP): Two teams of five CTU Operators go head-to-head in a multiplayer battle to secure the objective.
  • Terrorist Hunt (PvE): One to five CTU Operators work together to engage highly skilled enemy AI in varying operations. The player(s) will be able to craft his own experience through multiple combinations of CTU Operators and game modes.
  • Missions: Pre-set scenarios expose the player to the content and mechanics of the Siege and are specifically designed to be played solo as a Lone Wolf, but can also be played cooperatively with up to four friends.
The Terrohunt mode, in particular, is going to receive a restyling. In Rainbow Six: Siege, players will be able to create their own Terrohunt missions and even to take advantage of the game's Siege Generator in order to play missions created randomly by the system. There will also be available multiple settings of difficulty, in order to make the mode playable to both newcomers and seasoned veterans.

In Rainbow Six: Siege, there will be 4 Terrohunt gameplay modes:

  • Terrohunt Classic: the successor of the classic Terrohunt mode from previous Rainbow Six games, where players will have to attack a location and take down several waves of enemy AI.
  • Hostage Extraction : as an attacking team, players will have to secure and extract the hostage being held by the AI.
  • Protect Hostage: as a defending team, players will have to protect the hostage against the AI.
  • Disarm Bombs: as an attacking team, players will have to breach through the enemies in order to disarm the bombs before they explode.
The storyline of Rainbow Six: Siege is pretty straightforward. The Deputy Director of the Rainbow Six Counter Terrorism Unit, whose code name is appropriately Six and is interpreted by Angela Bassett, got hold of some intel that states that a dangerous terrorist cell named "The White Masks", are preparing an attack of unprecedented proprortions and she tasks the player to revive and guide the Rainbow Six Unit in order to stop them. Six has a deep backstory that will be uncovered while progressing in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege

Last but not least, let's talk of the technical mumbo jumbo. Rainbow Six: Siege will be based on the Anvil-Next game engine. The same one the Assassin's Creed games use (let's hope the technical results are better than AC: Unity). The Anvil-next engine version that will be used for Siege, will be heavily customized and tailored around the game, especially around its thirst for destruction. The engine will, indeed, feature a fully procedural destruction engine called RealBlast, that promises to deliver explosions and debris simulations bot realistic and smooth. This added to Ubisoft's partnership with Havok to bring the Havok FX system in the game, make us expect a great deal of fireworks.

Rainbow Six: Siege promises to be a rich addition to the franchise. We'll have to wait until the closed beta (scheduled for the 24th of September) to have a first taste of it. Both the game and the beta will be playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Rainbow Six: Siege was discussed in the Ubisoft and Microsoft press conferences and you can read those articles as well.

What you think of Rainbow Six: Siege? Did you play the previous chapters of the series? Let us know in the comments.

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