E3 2015 - All we know about Gigantic


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E3 2015 - All we know about Gigantic

June 20, 2015

By: Andrew Stretch


At Microsoft's keynote at E3 2015 we got to get a first look at a new shooter MOBA called Gigantic. This game is designed to not only test your reflexes but also you ability to work in a team with your tactics and timing being tested. MOBA fans don't dismay too much as Motiga has made sure that there is something for fans of shooters, action RPG's as well as traditional MOBA's as they think they have you covered.

In Gigantic you get to chose from a variety of snipers, spellcasters and juggernauts to head out into the world and attempt to take out a five-story tall mythical monster while protecting one of your own gigantic monsters. You need to master your abilities so that you can interlock and supplement each other giving you a new level of tactics to learn on the fly as you're facing this behemoth.


Gigantic is currently in development for Windows 10 and Xbox One and will have cross play at launch. If you're interested in trying it out then you can sign up for their beta at their official website.

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