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Yoshi's Woolly World made a great appearance at E3 this year, this time giving us a more in depth look at the unbelievably adorable platformer. The oddest announcement was that Nintendo teamed up with a genuine yarn compan, in ordery to really get that authentic yarn feel. This is a lovely touch, which makes the whole thing more charming - and the effort put in is reflected tenfold in the superb art design.

Nintendo recognise the obvious parallels with Kirby's Epic Yarn, but stated that this is something different. The aesthetic is similar and it's a 2D platformer (with some of Kirby's mechanics - like transformation - carrying over), but it takes place in a 3D environment (though you  are limited to the 2D plane) with a greater focus on exploration. It's a nice show of a game playing to its strengths, they know that the core appeal is the look of the game and are taking advantage of this. Time limits are gone, allowing you to peacefully explore your surroundings and take in the beauty that surrounds you.

Another inspiring part of the game is how they actually experimented with real yarn to design characters before they put them in the game. This reminds me of Tearaway, where Media Molecule made everything in the game out of paper before it was implemented. This added a huge amount of creativity and made the style incredibly cohesive. It also came with the bonus appeal of making you want to start making paper craft. Yohi's Woolly World is scratching that same itch, it makes you realise how cute yarn art is and their real world experiments make the design brilliantly consistent.

The game looks gorgeous and seems like a tonne of fun. This interview and demo were a joy to behold, bursting with cuteness and child like joy.

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