E3 2014- 'Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: The Siege' Announced

Published: June 9, 2014 8:16 PM /


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Ubisoft ended their show with an extended look at a new Tom Clancy game, not just that though... A new Rainbow Six game!

Host Aisha Tyler made a big deal about Rainbow Six returning, but it just seemed like slapping that name on a game. The game looked fun though, it looked like a typical Counter Strike hostage match only with impressive destruction tech and some Tom Clancy tech stuff.

The footage shown was a pre-alpha multiplayer match, annoyingly voiced over for the duration by 'the players'. It served as a reminder of how much the Battlefield Hardline demo benefited from a lack of commentary. The match itself looked quite cool, it started with some reconnaissance of a captured house. A remote control drone went around the building, scoping probable terrorists as they took some hostages in a home invasion. In order to stop this from being a 'terrorists win' scenario, the counter terrorists (I'm sorry, Rainbow Six?) dropped in and got their siege on. Hence the name siege.

Showing an amount of team work you will never see outside of a staged demo, the squad breached the building and continued to methodically take down their foes and rescue hostages. It was all pretty standard stuff and still very Counter Strike-y, if you die you are out and your portraits are always at the top of the screen. Where the cool stuff came in was with the destruction, you could blow up walls and use the terrain to your advantage. This came to a head in one very impressive segment where a player blew up the floor in order to attack enemies from above - it was really cool!

There's some promise here, but I have serious doubts about how it will work when the public get their grubby paws on it. Will it be clever sieges or people randomly blowing up walls, bouncing up and down and tea bagging? Will you fight against a defensive force who focus on holding out, making the siege aspect viable, or will it just become death match in a house? I fear it may become the latter. However, there's some promise here and I look forward to seeing more from it in the future.

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