E3 2014- Sunset Overdrive!

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E3 2014- Sunset Overdrive!

June 9, 2014

By: Stephen Gillespie


Sunset Overdrive, the latest game from insomniac, made a big appearance at Microsoft's E3 show. Things started with a trailer, showing off the game's sense of humour and lack of sincerity. Everything looks incredibly stylish and really colourful, movement looks fluid and it all looks very fun.

Things didn't stop here, we were treated to a gameplay demo that capitalised on what was shown in the trailer. It's loud, colourful, fast and really fun looking. It's a bit in your face, but in an appealing way - at the moment. It's an Xbox One exclusive and is looking like something console owners should start being excited about.

As far as insomniac goes, its still strange seeing the traditionally sony only developer working on a microsoft exclusive, but the game feels very true to the studio's sensibilities. The trademark crazy arsenal is in place and all the silliness that didn't make it into Fuse has seemingly transferred to this title. It's coming out October 28th, for more news and info from E3 stick with Techraptor.net.

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