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E3 2014- Splatoon

June 10, 2014

By: Stephen Gillespie


Apparently, the main idea of Spitoon is transforming between people and squids... It's a strange game.



This multiplayer title is all about shooting your friends with ink/paint (they used the two words interchangeably) and defend bases. You can run around shooting paint as a human, or turn into a squid (who glide on ink) and move with greater freedom.


The game looks incredibly colourful and quirky enough to work, they talked a lot about tactical opportunities and gamepad support. The gamepad can give you an overview and  all ink fired stays on the battlefield. This latter part is a cool touch, as it allows for greater freedom of movement as a squid, making battles more dynamic and freeing up other tactics. You can hide in ink and it really affects how traversal works. The trailer also showed a variety of tools to ink everywhere, outside of just shooting. What looks like simple fun may actually have some depth!

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