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E3 2014- Dragon Age Inquisition DLC First on Xbox One

June 9, 2014 2:09 PM

By: Stephen Gillespie


The beautiful looking Dragon Age Inquisition appeared on Microsoft's press show, bringing with it the news that the Xbox One will get DLC first.

All that was shown was a trailer, but the game is looking really great and definitely more expansive than Dragon Age 2 (we saw more than one location in the trailer, so it looks like an improvement). We are still waiting on gameplay footage - here's hoping EA brought some of that for their briefing - before we get too excited though. It all looks very nice now, but let's hope it plays more like the first game than the second. In fact, let's just hope it's more like the first game in every aspect.

Dragon Age is traditionally a PC franchise, which is why it's somewhat of a shame to see a single console getting the love. However, for now let's choose to read this as Bioware putting more effort into the console versions. The game is coming October 7th, for more information stick with us at Techraptor.net.

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