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E3 2014 - Destiny

Gaming article by Andrew Stretch on Monday, June 9, 2014 - 22:14

The E3 2014 Sony Press Conference started on mars as we saw three astronauts step out onto the surface. We learn of an oncoming darkness and the screen fades. We next see a beautiful looking planet and a flying robot and the voice of Peter Dinklage welcomes us to the world.

A cinematic trailer showing some of Destinys landscapes and characters navigating the world. Playstation gamers will get the Beta for Destiny first, starting July 21st. Also this Thursday and lasting till next week for Playstation 4 customers an Alpha is available.


The last of the Destiny announcements is that Destiny will launch in a bundle with a new Glacier White Playstation 4 and while controller.

Other additional features will be a strike, a new game mode and others.


Here is the announcement of the PS4 bundle: [youtube]

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