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Published: June 9, 2014 7:36 PM /


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Remember last year, the last time we heard about the Crew?

Well here it is again, an open world driving mmo which apparently has the whole US as its playground. Aisha Tyler claims that in this game you can drive coast to coast 'without one single loading'. Language slip ups aside, this game could be very cool.

The trailer takes a weirdly low key approach, giving you relaxing music as a time lapse video shows you a long journey (presumably from coast to coast). This slightly more pensive atmosphere is quite appealing, as it captures some of the weirdly zen-like appeal of long distance driving. The trailer is really highlighting that travel tourism angle, where the appeal is just driving through great environments. Luckily for the game, the environments look great - meaning the feelings this trailer evokes could be achieved in game.

A developer then took to stage to give more details, saying that the game will include long drives, like a two hour journey from Miami to LA. Clearly, the open world is a bit condensed, but that is a way to get all the pluses of a long drive with none of the boredom. This drive will even apparently stop in New York, the Rocky Mountains, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

The gameplay on display behind the speaker looked a bit more in your face than what the previous trailer implied; loud and brash rather than calming and contemplative. However, if it can deliver fast paced excitement as well as atmospheric drives, it could be quite a game.

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