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E3 2014- Bayonetta 2

June 10, 2014 1:34 PM

By: Stephen Gillespie


This year Nintendo treated us to a couple of Bayonetta 2 trailers, one showing off the crazy looking new game (boasting all the madness you expect from Bayonetta) and another teasing some Nintendo goodness.

First of all the game looks great, the appeal of Bayonetta seems to have carried over nicely. It looks stylish and insane, complete with brilliant combat and an impressive sense of scale. The sequel is Nintendo exclusive though, to the chagrin of some, but a few little touches are starting to make this deal make sense. Bayonetta was shown wearing Link and Samus outfits - and a Zelda sound effect even accompanied unlocking a door. This fits with the off the wall tone of the series and the overall lack of sincerity.

Another nice surprise was that the original Bayonetta will come on the disc. This is a pretty sensible move seeing as Bayonetta one was only available on PS3 and 360. Some of the Nintendo faithful who have picked up a Wii U may not have had the chance to play the first, so would be put off its sequel, this inclusion takes away this worry and gives people another chance to play a fantastic game.

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