Dynopunk Is A Cyberpunk Dinosaur Repair Shop Sim

Published: November 16, 2022 10:51 AM /


Chris the dinosaur begins work at his own repair shop in Dynopunk, a cyberpunk dinosaur repair shop sim

Imagine a world in which the dinosaurs were never wiped out by a meteor, instead continuing to evolve and adapt over millions of years. That's the world in which Dynopunk, a newly-announced indie dinosaur cyberpunk repair shop sim (phew), takes place.

Dynopunk pitches its cyber-tent in the same cyber-camp (sorry, I'll stop) as cozy work-slash-chat sims like Coffee Talk, and since N1RV Ann-A has been delayed indefinitely, this could be just what the ripperdoc ordered. You are a dinosaur who runs its own repair shop, and you must diagnose problems with customers' gadgets, repairing them while you talk to the customers about their lives and the world around you.

Gameplay will consist of chatting with customers, working on repairs, and taking part in minigames like beverage creation. Dynopunk will boast some pretty impressive-looking 90s-inspired pixel art, as well as a whole host of characters to get to know and gadgets to fix up. Whistling through your teeth and telling customers the parts will cost them a fair whack are both optional.

Dysella asking why you're just standing there in Dynopunk
Dynopunk's Dysella doesn't look like someone you'll want to keep waiting.

According to developer Tomato Fantasy Games, Dynopunk will also boast an "ironic narrative peppered with jokes, Easter eggs, and references to famous events and people". That kind of thing is a real tightrope walk, so let's hope Dynopunk has the chops to pull it off. Many indie games are buried in the graveyard of outdated meme humor, after all.

Of course, Dynopunk wouldn't be much of a cyberpunk dinosaur repair shop sim without a story, so you're also trying to build a time machine to travel back in time to find love. Obviously. How else is Dynopunk going to maintain historical accuracy without time-traveling T-rex dinos?

We don't currently have a release date for Dynopunk, since it's just been announced. If you want to keep up with the game's progress and see how things are shaking out, you can wishlist it via the official Steam page. A demo is also available to try out right now if you want to see if it's for you.


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