Dynasty Warriors 9 is Coming to PS4, More Details Revealed

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The latest edition of Weekly Famitsu has revealed a host of new information on Dynasty Warriors 9, according to this Gematsu report. The new details revealed, among other things, that the game will be coming to PlayStation 4 and that it will be the series' first open world title. The information came from an interview with Dynasty Warriors 9 producer Akihiro Suzuki and director Jun Miyauchi and accompanying article in the Japanese weekly gaming magazine Famitsu (Japanese).

The new Dynasty Warriors title takes a new step for the series, going open world with a vast single map representing China during the 'Three Kingdoms' period. The game will still follow the characters and timeline of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms as previous games in the series have done but the new design means this will be presented in a unique way. Each playable character will appear during their appropriate time period and events and battles on the open world map will change depending on the time period currently being played. Main missions can be found on the map and will advance history when completed, various related side missions can be completed to decrease the overall difficulty of the main missions.

The open world design isn't the only change coming in Dynasty Warriors 9 either, the Famitsu article tells us that attack actions have been overhauled, new characters such as warlord Cheng Pu added, and new mechanics included like stealth and grappling hook climbing. First person ranged attacks with bows also make a return to the series, after having first been experimented with back in Dynasty Warriors 5. Contextual actions will also be possible, utilizing the environment to attack enemies, and 'State Combos' are a new addition that will change attacks based on the state of an enemy. Despite all the changes, the signature series gameplay of wiping out entire armies of foes single-handedly will still be a focus.

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Further information from the developers' interview tells us that the open world will feature dynamic weather and that travel will be done mostly by horse. The size of the map means fast travel will also be possible when you have already visited a place. No actual scale for the map was given but the developers did say that it would take about five minutes to swim across their recreation of the Yangtze River. As well as conquerable castles that can be approached in a variety of ways and other battle types, the map will also feature cities and urban areas with merchants.

Development of Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently around 40% complete so there are still some elements that aren't quite set in stone. The developers tell us that they are considering certain additions like the ability to switch characters on the fly but that the changing time periods involved makes this difficult. At this stage, no release date has been announced for the game but a quote from the Famitsu interview teased "Development seems to still have some way to go. I don’t think it will be released at least until it’s cold out."

Are you pleased to see changes coming to the Dynasty Warriors series with this new title? Do you think the signature 1 v 1000 gameplay can translate to an open world setting? Give us your thoughts down in the comments!

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