Dying Light Turns Five; Techland Treats Owners with Bad Blood DLC

Published: January 27, 2020 5:00 PM /


dying light

Developer Techland's open-world survival horror series received its first entry, Dying Light, on January 28th, 2015. Today marks its five-year anniversary, half a decade has already gone since we got to live in the Middle-Eastern city of Harran and face the evils of the world every night.

The title received multiple expansions, most noticeably The Following, alongside cosmetics and various events as well. Unfortunately, its sequel, Dying Light 2, got delayed indefinitely a couple of weeks ago. The developer wanted to give their team enough time to rise up to the players' expectations, and their own quality and polish standards.


CEO at Techland, Paweł Marchewka, thanked everyone who stood by the studio and supported them. He continued to reassure fans the recent delay of Dying Light 2 won't stop the original's support. In fact, current and future owners of the title will receive its Brutal Royale experience, Dying Light: Bad Blood. 

With five years behind us, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the support, feedback, and faith you keep on giving us. We really couldn’t have hoped for a better community. You have been and, continue to be, an incredible source of inspiration and joy. We assure you, even though we are working hard on Dying Light 2, our support of the original Dying Light will continue. There’s nothing more valuable to us than seeing a positive response from our fans. It’s humbling, it gives us perspective, and purpose to keep on going. Thank you again from the whole team!

Not only that, Techland kicks off its affiliate program, with players receiving a free gold-tier weapon docket whenever you successfully convince one of your friends to buy the game through your referral. For more information on both announcements, you can read the developer's blog post.

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