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Dying Light: The Following Reveal Trailer

August 13, 2015

By: Bryan Heraghty


Techland and Publisher Warner Bros. have released a trailer which showcased Dying Light's new expansion: The Following. This DLC is a story focused expansion set in a new environment. Techland promises this new environment will be "as big as the original maps from Dying Light combined."

The expansion will be free to those with a Dying Light Season Pass, or can be purchases alone at $14.99. The DLC expansion does not yet have a release date announced.

Here is a summary outline provided by Techland:

'The Following' sees Kyle Crane travel to a hazardous outback ruled by mysterious and fanatical cultists whose beliefs have unnerving connections with the zombie outbreak.

To get close to the cult and unravel their secrets, players will need to earn the trust of the locals. Through various missions and tasks, players will be able to choose their own path for infiltrating the inner circles of the cultists. In order to succeed in this harsh countryside, players will also gain access to fully customizable and upgradable dirt buggies. With its own unique skill tree, players will be able to traverse the vast expanse of the Harran countryside in what is their deadliest weapon yet.

Dying Light: The Following will be available for purchase separately but will also be made free to all Season Pass holders.



Dying Light released January 27, 2015 to moderately positive reviews. TechRaptor gave Dying Light a 7.5 for its improvement on the Dead Island formula, and for being a fun game to play with elements of exploration and parkour but failing to be inventive in its own right.

Will you be buying Dying Light: The Following? Have you already got it thanks to owning a Season Pass? How did you like Dying Light? What do you hope to see in this story driven DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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