Dying Light Dev Tools 2 Contest - Top 5 Vote Time

Published: September 8, 2015 10:35 PM /


Beyond Dying Light Dev Tools Contest II Featured Image

Techland has been holding their second Dev Tools contest for their game Dying Light. In it they challenge mod makers to create impressive maps, offering the winner an Alienware Alpha machine and Dying Light merchandise as a reward. With a top 5 picked, the contest has almost reached its finale. Techland now reaches out to the public to vote on which map they think deserves the first place.

Beyond Dying Light Dev Tools Contest II Winchester TavernThe first contestant is the Winchester Tavern. A replica tavern modeled after the famous pub from the cult-hit movie Shaun of the Dead. It's purpose simple: Survive for as long as possible after turning on the power in the basement.

Beyond Dying Light Dev Tools Contest II SkyFallSkyFall focusses less on action, providing a story of a man enduring disturbing if not violent dreams, hinting at post-traumatic stress. The levels largely exist out of platforming puzzles, with a difficult fight at the end.

Beyond Dying Light Dev Tools Contest II Escaping DeathEscaping Death features the more classical combat familiar to the game, tasking you to traverse a Dam in order to escape from the horde. The map seems unfinished as the end features securing a small indoor safe house and a bed that loops you into nighttime, with a promise of adding more shown written in the mission objectives.

Beyond Dying Light Dev Tools Contest II Repetition Horror HouseRepetition: Horror House tries its hand at horror and tension, recreating the atmosphere of the infamous P.T.

Beyond Dying Light Dev Tools Contest II Little Big WorldLittle Big World tests your skill at parkour and adaptation to unconventional combat locales in a map where you and your enemies seem to have shrunk to the size of an action figure. The map has you slowly traverse the rooms with your tiny little legs while challenging your logical thinking, as a book prop may have more use to you than simply being a prop.

All five of these mods can be freely downloaded from the Steam workshop, where you can try them before you cast your vote on the contest website.

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