Dying Light 2 AMA Reveals No Romance Options, Returning Characters

Dying Light 2 Will Feature 2 main Factions as we previously knew, but there will be no 'lone wolf option' according to TechLand

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Dying Light 2

Techland has released their second AMA on Dying Light 2 in the past two weeks, with Tymon Smektala (Lead Game Designer) and Julia Szynkaruk (Associated Producer) going through nine questions of things that greatly interested the Dying Light community. Some of these included questions talked about on how the protagonist is impacted during the game, romance options, the main factions, and other pertinent questions that I'm sure Dying Light 2 fans were very interested in. Let's dig into them, shall we?

What did the latest Dying Light 2 AMA cover?

Note: the questions and answers have been edited for brevity, and are not precise quotes.

  • Q1: From the footage we have already seen, Aiden seems much less confident and more nervous than Crane. Will the game's plot focus on his growth as a person the same way the first game focused a lot on Crane's growth and changing motives?
    • A: Players will be able to impact Aiden's character (the protagonist) based on choices made during the game.
  • Q2: Will the GRE make a return, or at least be a player in what led up to the events in DL2
    • A: The GRE from the first game will make a return in background role. The sequel is set in the future so you'll find remanents of theirs in the mostly abandoned locations and you'll be able to find out what happened between the two games.
  • Q3: Will there be romance in Dying Light 2?
    • A: There will be no romance options in DL2.
  • Q4: Which ending of The Following is canonical?
    • A: The canonical ending is still being hidden. DL2's events are built on what happened in DL1. You will find out which ending was canonical during the game.
  • Q5: Will players be able to recreate modern technology and try to carve our way out of the modern dark ages players are stuck in?
    • A: You will not have the option to rebuild the government/technology of today. It would be too boring; Techland wants to present a vision of a future after this particular apocalypse.
  • Q6: Will some characters from DL1 return to DL2?
    • A: There are no returning characters from the first game, although there will be references to DL1 and its characters.
  • Q7: Will there be more open world events such as airdrops from the first game?
    • A: There will be more open world events in the game like airdrops from DL1. If you're interested, GRE Quarantines and Dark Places are spots to explore.
  • Q8: What factions are in DL2? Can you explain them?
    • A: There are two main factions and the player must side with one. There are either the Peacekeepers or the Survivors: the Peacekeepers are militaristic while the Survivors are peaceful travelers. There are other groups in the city, with the Renegades the next biggest faction and "basically the bad guys".
  • Q9: Will I be able to side with no factions and be an enemy to everyone?
    • A: Nope; you will have to align with a faction. There's no Lone Wolf Option available.

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