The Dwarves to Receive Massive Day One Patch On Consoles

Published: November 30, 2016 6:22 PM /


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While a lot of PC releases have been recently released with a lot of bugs, it seems that the situation has been reversed - at least when one regards The Dwarves console release.

The release of the Fantasy-RPG The Dwarves is just around the corner. We are aware of performance-related issues in the console-builds distributed to media for review purposes. We want to assure that the Dwarves is getting a Day-1-Patch addressing aforementioned issues on Playstation™4 and Xbox One. It will also add some improvements to UI, camera controls and the world map.
There are a lot of fixes, at least if one were to strictly go by the patch list. Performance-wise, multiple areas with lag spikes have been fixed, and players can now expect better load times as well as increased FPS due to graphical adjustments, preloading, and a bevy of other improvements.

These improvements include UI improvements to the Shop, Level-Up, Party and XP screen, as well as some HUB fixes. Rodarios' Fake Death ability now works, and Boindil can't knock himself anymore by running into walls, which for fans of the novels like myself would be heresy.


Multiple bugs have been fixed as well, including two potential crashes and bugs, along with some rendering issues and the possibility of being trapped between objects.


Quick Take

This is just another reminder of the reality that we are in. While I would have preferred to see the game actually ready for launch, it's still good to see the game receive a patch that offers such a seemingly comprehensive list of fixes. While the discrepancy in the size of the patches between the two consoles is a bit strange, at least all of those with PlayStation Pro's can utilize their increased download speeds now.

What do you think of Day One Patches? Are you interested in The Dwarves? Let us know in the comments!

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