D.Va Revealed As Latest Heroes Of The Storm Hero

Published: April 25, 2017 4:42 PM /


D.va vs Diablo Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard, an advertisement on GameFAQS inadvertently revealed the next hero in Blizzard Entertainment's MOBA Heroes of the Storm, D.Va. Blizzard later released the trailer for the 2.0 version of their MOBA, revealing the new addition officially via their Twitch feed. In the reveal trailer, Genji and D.Va team up to take on Diablo on a map that will be familiar to Overwatch veterans.


It's unclear at this time what D.Va will play like in the game. D.Va's abilities from Overwatch certainly makes for a unique playstyle, as she could theoretically be classified as a Warrior or a Specialist character. As her ultimate ability in Overwatch has her hopping into a heavily armored robot, they could take her character in some interesting directions. Maybe they'll have players be able to make a choice on either keeping her in the cockpit of her robot or have a mixture of both D.Va and her robot, like in Overwatch.

officer dva
Play enough Heroes of the Storm with friends and Officer D.Va will come to Overwatch.


D.Va is also receiving a new police-themed skin in Overwatch, tied into playing five games with friends as the character in Heroes Of The Storm. Players who unlock the skill will also get a police hoverbike mount to use on all characters.

A previous version of this article listed D.Va's reveal as a rumor erroneously. We apologize for the error.

Quick Take

More variety is always a good thing in MOBA's, especially in games such as Heroes of the Storm where they need all the attention they can get. D.Va could definitely provide players an option for a more damage-absorbent damage dealer. Her ultimate is often used to great effect in Overwatch, so to have a potential lane-clearing tank would certainly help to even the odds. 

What do you think of this reveal? Are you interested in playing D.Va? Would you prefer Blizzard to release a more obscure character next? Let us know in the comments!

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