Dustforce Soundtrack "Fastfall" Being Pressed on Vinyl by iam8bit

Published: December 2, 2015 3:49 PM /


Dustforce Fastfall Vinyl iam8bit

Video game art/music/merch store iam8bit announced the latest in their line of video game vinyl soundtracks today, with the album Fastfall - the soundtrack to Dustforce by artist Lifeformed. The pre-order for the release will go live tomorrow, December 3rd at 9 a.m. PT, and will be limited to 1,000 pressings. Many previous album releases by iam8bit have sold out quickly, so make sure to keep those F5 keys primed around that time.

iam8bit's vinyl offerings have grown more and more eclectic recently, with collaborations with indies and major publishers alike. Their last release was for the soundtrack to Uncharted, and before that was a pressing of Ben Prunty's score for FTL. Many of these releases are still up for pre-order, so if you're in the market for hot video game vinyl, iam8bit probably has your fix. Other notable releases include a hexagon-shaped disc for Super Hexagon, a best of Bit.Trip disc that comes with all the Bit.Trip games, and a collaboration with rare for soundtracks from Banj0-Kazooie and Battletoads. 

Dustforce was released on PC in 2012, and made its way to Playstation platforms a couple of years later. Its earned a reputation both for its brutal difficulty and great soundtrack, so this vinyl release seems like a good fit. The artist behind the soundtrack, Lifeformed, also worked as a programmer on the game for studio Hitbox. Lifeformed composed the score for the Double Fine Adventure documentary - and released it as an album titled Immerse.

Quick Take

This soundtrack is easily my most played video game album, and I'll be snagging one of the 1,000 pressings if I have anything to say about it. I've purchased a few of the vinyl sold by iam8bit before, and I trust them to put out a quality product. Dustforce and it's soundtrack are absolutely worth your time, and I'll take every opportunity I can to support the musician and the developer. 

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