Dusk's Mamma Mia Flesh Palace Brings Mario-Inspired Arena

Published: September 6, 2020 3:28 PM /


A New, Mario-Inspired Arena Comes to Dusk

Sure, New Blood Interactive's Dusk has been out for a few years, but the content is still coming in. While the Nintendo Switch launch for Dusk is coming soon (on Halloween of this year, in fact), David Szymanski cooked up something special for Dusk owners that'll have you saying, "Mamma mia!"

Announced during Realms Deep 2020, Dusk is getting a new endless mode map called the Mamma Mia Flesh Palace. For those who have played 1996's Super Mario 64, this area might be quite recognizable to you. That's undoubtedly because it's inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom level in the famous platformer—specifically, Peach's Castle. The trailer opens with sounds from the Nintendo 64 title and transitions into the rip roaring music Dusk is known for. This fleshy environment features a gloomy and grim castle that players can venture inside while facing an onslaught of Dusk's most dangerous demons. There's a canal, several bridges, as well as air vents that'll lift you into the air and onto the castle itself.

For those who are unfamiliar with Dusk's endless mode, you'll face off against waves of unending enemies. Your goal is to survive for as long as you can as the waves become more and more dangerous. For those who've never played Dusk, it's a retro FPS developed by David Syzmanski. You'll go through old farmlands, industrial settings and fleshy environments while fighting cultists and demons. There's some brutal weapons like riveter and super shotgun that turns your foes into tiny giblets. Dusk also has a multiplayer component called DuskWorld.

As a reminder, Dusk's port to the Switch arrives on October 31, 2020. Furthermore, it's likely that the Mamma Mia Flesh Palace arrives the same day, so expect to play this new level soon.

Are you going to play Dusk to experience the Mamma Mia Flesh Palace? Let us know in the comments below!


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