Duke Grabowski: Mighty Swashbuckler Coming Ashore October 6th

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Duke Grabowski: Mighty Swashbuckler is a Point-and-click adventure title from Bill Tiller, who was previously involved in The Curse of Monkey Island as a lead background artist, Steven Spielberg's The Dig as a lead artist and art director, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine as a lead artist, and as a designer for A Vampyre Story

Originally, Duke Grabowski was financed on Kickstarter, meeting its $40,000 goal with just under a thousand backers and $41,295 funded total. The game was originally envisioned as a short two to four-hour title, but acquiring Alliance Game Studios as a publisher meant that the developers could work on the game full-time, with the Kickstarted game serving as the first of a total of three episodes. 

Duke Grabowski is the comedic tale about the toughest of the pirates and his quest to become captain. There’s just one problem; Duke must first prove to his crew that he’s the most swashbuckling-est of the swashbucklers by “sea-ducing” three women in Bodacious Bay. But, as he sets off on his challenge, Duke just might learn that there’s more to love and leadership than the size of your muscles.

The game is described as a 'blend' of old and new adventure titles, with the aforementioned Bill Tiller contributing  art, inventory, and dialogue puzzles to the title. 

Duke Grabowski: Mighty Swashbuckler will be released on October 6th on the PC and Mac platforms.

Quick Take

More Point-and-click titles are always welcome, especially from those who have a pedigree such as Tiller's. However, announcing Duke Grabowski as the first of three titles seems to be jumping the gun a little, but the Telltale method of Point-and-click's seems to be all the rage these days. Who knows if it will be any good, so let's file this under 'Cautiously Optimistic', shall we?

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