Dual Universe Release Date Blasts Off Next Month

Published: August 16, 2022 10:00 AM /


Players using sci-fi terminals in Dual Universe

Novaquark has announced a Dual Universe release date, so you'll finally be able to play the full version of the ambitious sci-fi MMO soon. Dual Universe launches next month, and it's coming to Steam, too, along with a free trial on release.

When is the Dual Universe release date?

After an alpha phase that launched back in August 2018 and a beta period that began in 2020, Dual Universe is, it seems, finally ready for prime time. The new Dual Universe release date is September 27th, so mark your calendar if you're excited for this one. Developer Novaquark is also promising that players with an active subscription will get a 6-month XP booster, while those who have played the game before will be given a "free 2-week-long opportunity" to come back and see what's changed.


A bustling space facility in Dual Universe
Dual Universe is a sci-fi MMO that places an emphasis on player creativity.

As Novaquark points out in a press release, lots has changed since the Dual Universe beta launched in 2020. The game has received tons of new features, including space combat, asteroid mining, a brand new tutorial experience, and visual and performance enhancements, among other things. If it's been a while since you last checked in with the MMO, then next month might be a good time to head back into the world of Dual Universe and see what's new. Just make sure you don't try to lead a daring heist on the game's marketplace, as you might well get yourself banned.

You'll be able to play Dual Universe when it launches on September 27th for Steam and via the official website. If you're not sure what Dual Universe is, here's a quick rundown. It's a player-driven MMORPG with just one server and a focus on player creativity. You can "build almost anything", according to Novaquark, and you can also interact with other players pretty much however you want; you can trade with them, build organizations, or even declare war on them if you like. It's promising to be a pretty ambitious experience, so give it a look if you're a fan of games like Eve Online or No Man's Sky.



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