DriveClub Launches Major Update

Published: August 18, 2015 8:53 PM /



Fresh off the heels of DriveClub's announcement of selling over 2 million copies on Playstation 4, developer Evolution Studios has come out with update 1.21 and it is MASSIVE. Here's a quick rundown of the details:

  • Renault R.S. 01 Supercar Reward for reaching Driver Level 66
  • 12 new SPRINT variations of tracks Cayoosh Point, Putre, Munnar, Goshodaira, Homastad and The Kyle.
  • 10 more ELITE Driver Levels from 66 to 75 with all new rewards for each level.
  • Modified vehicle performance for the Rimac Automobili Concept One and VUHL 05 based on community and manufactures feedback.
  • Added support for Thrustmaster TH8PA manual gear shifter, including sequential shifting and clutch support.
  • Detailed car statistics on the vehicle select screen including Drivetrain, Engine Position, Kerb Weight and more.
  • Rebalanced the frequency of wet weather and night-time events in Random Event.
  • Addition of Club Leaderboards to all Tour Events in addition to the standard solo leaderboards.
  • New #PS4share photo added to the loading screen.
More general improvement for game performance, stability, and usability.

Quick Take

Being a racing fan, this update is fantastic! Evolution Studios continues to support DriveClub in ways other studios could only hope. So far to date, DriveClub has received over 11Gb's of updates since release date. That is flat out astonishing and honestly, shows their dedication to crafting the best racing game on the market. Looking ahead, the DriveClub team has a few more updates they are working on; private multiplayer lobbies, new tracks and SPRINT mode tracks, a brand-new MYDRIVECLUB App to replace the current one, as well as multiple gameplay enhancements based on YOUR feedback! This is all great news considering how rough the initial launch of the game was, but I think the DriveClub team has redeemed themselves. Take notice Forza Motorsports, there's a new racer in town and they aren't going down without a fight! 


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