Drive Through Dystopian USA In Dark Future: Blood Red States Beta

Published: April 1, 2019 10:13 AM /


dark future blood red states

Dark Future: Blood Red States throws players into a dystopian 2023, placing them behind the wheel of vehicles bristling with weapons and defenses. A single player PC experience, the game will delve into a dark yet comically twisted alternate timeline - within this setting, the player runs a team of bounty hunters, managing drivers and cars, and exploring the desolation.

Developer and Publisher Auroch Digital is actively seeking players to partake in a free beta weekend - those interested can sign up to the join the mailing list here. Players will gain access to a segment of the game from Thursday, April 11, to Monday, April 15. A 5% discount code will also be provided to purchase the game at launch, which is expected later in 2019 if players complete a quick survey at the end.

Dark Future: Blood Red States promises strategy in these vehicular scraps, with a time slow-down feature allowing for precise, measured strikes. Customization of vehicles and hiring of other drivers further develops the strategic element of the game. A story consisting of roguelike missions will lead players through the wasteland, allowing them to uncover the mysterious dystopia piece by piece.

This title is a digital reboot of a 1988 cult-classic board game from Game Workshop, Dark Future, which saw players maneuvering plastic cars according to a complex web of rules. The franchise has grown over time, with additions to the original board game, and ten novels which expanded the world vastly, incorporating absurdist elements such as Elvis Presley as a bounty hunter.

This wealth of source material feeds the details placed on the near-apocalyptic world and the ‘dark humor’ described on the Steam page. How much of this surrounding setting and tone will come across in this vehicular-combat experience will become more apparent when this Beta is in full swing.

The story unfolding throughout the aforementioned missions is guided by James Swallow, author of several Dark Future novels, the official site promising ‘darker forces’ behind the scenes, and a ‘grand finale’ - it can be assumed there will be meat on this game’s bones upon release. Giving this beta a try is one way to find out, which you can do by signing up for the mailing list.

Have you come across the Dark Future universe before? Will you be giving this beta a try? Let us know in the comments below!


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