Dreamfall Chapters Book 2: Rebels Announced

Published: November 28, 2014 9:02 PM /


Dreamfall Chapters Rebels

Dreamfall Chapters second book has been announced along with a name and a new trailer for it. Rebels, is the name of the second book and a few details have been released about it for those paying close attention.

The Book will obviously be featuring rebellion after establishing the status quo in Rebirth – Kian joining the resistance and Zoë finding out more of what’s going on. Zoë’s been hinted at that she’ll be dealing more with Mira – one of two people she could work with in the first Book, doing work with Shitbot. Additionally there’s the story of Hanna Roth and that has been shown to have more of an impact then one might have guessed at face value of the job.

Hanna was one of two characters to receive a profile during a kickstarter update last week, one for each of the storylines ongoing. If you want to stay Completely Spoiler Free, I’d suggest you don’t read them though they aren’t giving away major details or such as far as I can tell.

The other reveal was one of Kian’s rebellion partners – Enu, or on more formal occasions Enu-Mar Sand’ya. Enu is one of the magical races of Arcadia and joined the rebellion as the Azadi were beginning to round up the non-humans. Kian’s story wasn’t given much focus, nor Arcadia seen much, but between the trailer and Enu it is likely we’ll see more of both in Book 2.

There has also been a new update for Book 1 released – Patch 1.1.2. It’s a pretty sizable one at 1.2 GB and there aren’t full patch notes out for it but Red Thread Games has said a bit of what it’s about. The patch is focused on memory usage issues that have crept up with Dreamfall Chapters and aims to fix those, as well as making life easier for those on 3gb or those few souls left on 32 bit systems. It also will contain numerous small bug fixes, and hopefully that will help with Book 2’s release being smoother on that front.

There is no release date set yet for Rebels, beyond a general soon type statement from Redthread. It is possible though we may not see it till early 2015, with them waiting till the holiday rush is over to clean things up given some of the issues Book 1’s release had on non-steam platforms.

You can read TechRaptor’s take on Book 1: Rebirth here.

And of course, the promised trailer:


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