Dreamers Is A Next-Gen 3D Adventure Game Coming This Year

Published: January 13, 2021 11:05 AM /


A character roaming a street in new 3D adventure game Dreamers

Italian developer PlaySys has announced a new project for next-gen platforms. Dreamers is a 3D adventure game boasting classic graphic adventure gameplay updated for the modern era. It's coming to PS5 and other next-gen platforms later this year.

What do we know about Dreamers?

In a press release, PlaySys describes Dreamers as "an emotional journey into a colorful adventure". It takes place in an abstract land full of puzzles, quests, and minigames. The story kicks off when the protagonist receives a letter from their grandmother which will force them to leave the confines of their home and journey out into unknown lands. You can check out a trailer for Dreamers right here:

PlaySys says that Dreamers is designed for "an audience that loves classic games", but it'll also feature plenty of modern design tweaks. You'll find side quests to tackle, vehicles to upgrade, and collectibles to hunt. There isn't a game over state, either, so you can explore Dreamers' world to your heart's content. According to PlaySys, Dreamers will offer gameplay in the vein of classic graphic adventures (think Grim Fandango or The Longest Journey), but will also add elements from other gaming genres.

You can check out Dreamers when it launches for PlayStation 5 and other next-gen platforms in the second half of 2021. We know for sure it's coming to PC, but PlaySys doesn't specifically name the other next-gen platforms the game will be arriving on. If it doesn't come to Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, we'll be very surprised indeed. PlaySys has promised more info on "supporting platforms" soon. We'll bring you more on this one - including more gameplay details - when we get it.

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