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Dread Hunger Release Date Revealed

October 5, 2021

By: Patrick Perrault


Dread Hunger is a survival, crafting, social deception title developed by Dread Hunger Team and published by Digital Confectioners. Both publisher and developer have just announced that the Dread Hunger release date will be on November 10 for Steam. The social deception survival title changes things up from the more sci-fi leaning titles such as Among Us and Enemy on Board by taking place during an 1850s Arctic exploration voyage. In it, there are eight player-controlled Explorers that are depending on one another for survival, with two of them being Thralls that are trying to sabotage the mission.

The six Explorers must work together to gather resources to power up the steam-powered ship while also dealing with the incredibly harsh climate that the Arctic offers. While they're doing this the two Thralls, poison food, kill crewmembers, blow holes in the ship, and use dark magic to undermine the mission while pretending to be Explorers. There's also starvation, wolves, cannibal attacks, and other nasty fates that the Explorers must contend with.

Dread Hunger Betrayal
Dying by a saw would be a particularly nasty way to go.

Along with the Dread Hunger release date announcement, the fourth patch for Dread Hunger, Bad Medicine, has been released. The update puts more of an emphasis on social gameplay dynamics while also deemphasizing PvP combat. It also adds a new Armory team objective, a new model for the Doctor, and more.

“We’ve been listening closely to player feedback over the last few months, and one thing that kept coming up was a consensus that the game was a ‘PvP game with Social Deduction elements,’” said Alex Quick, Creative Director of the Dread Hunger Team.
“To many of our players, the most rewarding and unique aspect of Dread Hunger is the shock of an unexpected poisoning, or the subtle manipulation of a masterful liar that leads to distrust (and mutiny!) aboard the ship. With this update we are striving to bring those elements to the forefront, and make Dread Hunger more of a ‘Social Deduction game with PvP elements.’”

Want to see what the Bad Medicine update brings to the table? Check out the trailer below:


For more information on Dread Hunger, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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