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A little over two years ago, God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe unveiled Drawn to Death at the 2014 PlayStation Experience. Since then, news on Jaffe's hero-based shooter starring a cast of cartoons that would've got you called to see the school psychologist has been rather light, save for the beta and some conflicting business model decisions. That all changed this morning when David Jaffe revealed the title's April 4th release date on the official PlayStation blog.

Along with the release date, Jaffe also engaged in a brief interview where he shared some new details on the upcoming shooter. Chief among them was hammering home the game's high time to kill (To quote him exactly - "Like, really long."), discussing a particularly brutal shotgun/axe combo (The Shaxe), and the identity of his favorite character (A bipedal shark ninja named Ninjaw). Near the end of the interview, Jaffe also claimed that this is the most gameplay-heavy title he's ever made, a far cry from the cutscene-heavy God of War titles. We'll just have to wait until the fourth to see if the gameplay is any good.


Drawn to Death releases on April 4th, 2016 for $19.99 on PlayStation 4.

Drawn to Death

Quick Take

So, I gotta level with you all. Mechanically, Drawn to Death looks like it's not for me. Not that it's bad, mind you, just not my sort of game. But aesthetically? This sort of 'angsty teen's notebook' look might be my favorite art style of the year. I've never actually seen a game presented quite like this, and the style certainly lends itself to the anachronistic cast. Internal consistency goes right out the window when everything is springing from the brain of a bored teenaged kid. 

I, for one, am down for the idea of playing as a ninja sharkman who uses a bone anchor as a weapon. Especially if they have a Shaxe.

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