Drake's Odds: Survive Allows You to Take Control of Your Enemies

Drake's Odds: Survive is an open-world survival game set in 1980's America where you play as an Alien

Published: February 11, 2021 10:38 AM /


Drake's Odds

Indie development team KaleJump games is developing Drake's Odds: Survive is a open-world alien multiplayer survival game set in 1980's America where it's possible to take control of your enemies. Players will take the point of view of the alien and learn to survive in a hostile and unknown planet. In order to survive, players will have to use the alien's powers and technology to collect knowledge from their enemies to discover and understand the environment around them. Basically, you can either fight them, taking control of their bodies and minds to harness their skills and knowledge, or do both.

"The choice of the alien as the protagonist was dictated by wanting to experience survival from a new perspective," said Enzo Musmeci, founder & Creative director of Kalejump Games. "As well as wanting to give more freedom in the choice of a more articulated and characteristic gameplay with the addition of alien powers, weapons and devices, which allow you to produce new and exhilarating game scenarios."

The plot of the game starts in 1947, when an alien civilization called the Exomon lands on Earth and was initially welcomed by humans to share their knowledge and technology. Later when more Exomians arrive looking for their fellow aliens they discover that the older Exos have allied with the humans against them. As a new alien, players have to survive on a hostile Earth pursued by both humans and their fellow kind. 

Each game has a time limit where players need to launch their mothership and return to Exomon. Players can craft things like a bulletproof vest or a respawning point near your base of operations. Enemy corpses can be used to collect knowledge points that can help you figure out how to build objects and weapons needed to survive and ultimately win. Players and ally with other factions, but there are spies so watch out, as you may get stabbed in the back at any time.

Players can possess the life forms around them--like a bear--and unleash it on their enemies. However, the effect will eventually run out so you have to plan for that. You can sense and identify enemies around you, fly over the 64 km² map with the spaceship where you can hook or drag characters and vehicles, and dominate Earth using your advanced technology and skills. 

For more information on Drake's Odds: Survive (which is launching in 2022), stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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