Dragonfall - Director's Cut hits Tablets

Published: December 5, 2014 11:50 AM /


Dragonfall Tablets

Shadowrun has had a wild ride getting from there to here, but finally the newest iteration has arrived on tablets - Shadowrun Dragon Director's Cut hit iPads and Android tablets yesterday.

Shadowrun Dragonfall was originally released in early winter 2014 as an expansion for Shadowrun Returns - a second campaign to improve upon the Dead Man's Switch one that came with Shadowrun Returns. Dead Man's Switch, and the engine in general, had gotten numerous critiques since its release and Hairbrained Schemes listened. Instead of doing the quick 6 hour Berlin campaign they had originally planned on, they doubled down and work on improving things like linearity, save system, choices, and hubs to make the game more like what the kickstarter backers and customers had envisioned.

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall was a success in all those areas, providing greater choice, a more robust save system, better companions and hubs to make things matter. While the Dead Man's Switch story got written about as okay, with focus on the beautiful art assets, Dragonfall managed to bring the attention back to the gameplay and story in a positive manner. While it didn't fix the issues some had with the combats simplicity, it did address some AI and bug issues, and the story was much more free to breathe with a real hub to work around and characters that you cared about. While it got excellent reviews, Dragonfall had one big issue - people had to buy Shadowrun Returns to play it first and that meant getting over the sour taste that Dead Man's Switch had left in many mouths.

As the year went on, Hairbrained Schemes, thought up a scheme and got to work on it - a Director's Cut. Listening to what people were saying they worked to improve Dragonfall even further to stand alone and work on some of the core issues. Five new missions, improved combat system (armor, AI, cover all got improved), a better user interface, customizing your team, ten new pieces of music, and more were put into the Shadowrun Dragonfall - Director's Cut which was released in September. Unlike many other parts of Shadowrun Returns though, it wasn't immediately released on tablets, which meant those who were playing there had to wait.

Until yesterday, when Hairbrained Schemes announced it had brought the Shadowrun Dragonfall - Director's Cut onto iPad and Android tablets at last. With more then 20 hours of content, and some of the best play in a modern Shadowrun game it is packed with things to do, and its price for mobile gamers might be all the more attractive - $6.99.

You can buy it on the App Store for iPad and Google Play for Android now!

What do you think of Dragonfall Director's Cut hitting Tablets? Did Dragonfall live up to your expectations in general? Are you looking forward to potentially a third Shadowrun Returns campaign

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