Skyrim Comes To Super Smash Bros Ultimate as Dragonborn Mii Fighter

The Skyrim, Devil May Cry, Shantae, and Tales of Symphonia Mii costumes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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Skyrim Comes To Super Smash Bros Ultimate as Dragonborn Mii Fighter

June 28, 2021

By: Joseph Allen

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Skyrim is on its way to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but unfortunately, the Dragonborn won't be a unique playable fighter. Instead, the Dragonborn Mii costume based on Skyrim is coming, along with costumes starring characters from Tales of SymphoniaDevil May Cry, and Shantae.

How does the Skyrim Mii costume work in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

The Skyrim Mii costume for Super Smash Bros Ultimate was announced during a stream focusing on new DLC fighter Kazuya. In the stream, Smash head honcho Masahiro Sakurai detailed Kazuya's moveset and demonstrated some of the fighter's intricacies. He also revealed four new Mii costumes. Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia, Dante from Devil May Cry, and the Dovahkiin from Skyrim will all be available as Mii Swordfighter costumes, while Shantae from the eponymous platformer franchise will be available as a Mii Brawler skin.

The four new Mii costumes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate displayed side by side
Shantae, Dante, the Dragonborn, and Lloyd are all coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as Mii Fighter costumes.

You'll be able to purchase each new Mii Fighter costume from the eShop. They'll cost you 75 cents apiece. The Shantae costume comes complete with a brand new song, "Burning Town" from Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, which will be added to the "Other" category. Sadly, the others don't seem to come with music, which is a shame as we'd have loved to hear the Skyrim theme or music from Devil May Cry in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Sadly, twas not to be. This is also confirmation that these four characters won't be joining the roster as fighters in the future, which will be somewhat disappointing for many.

What else was revealed during the Super Smash Bros Ultimate stream?

During the stream, we also got a little more information about other new additions to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Sakurai revealed a Min Min amiibo, which will be available for purchase in 2022. He said that although players are expecting amiibo figures for all the Fighters Pass 2 DLC characters, Nintendo creating a Kazuya Mishima amiibo would be "a little odd". Nonetheless, he didn't rule it out, so don't cross that Kazuya figurine off your wishlist just yet. Sakurai says Nintendo is working on other DLC fighter amiibo figures, but it will be "a little while" until they're released.

The new Min Min amiibo for Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Min Min is getting an amiibo, but there's no word yet on release dates for other Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC amiibo figures.

In addition to this news, Sakurai also confirmed that the last DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be the last one, and that there "won't be any more after that". It's going to be a while until we learn who that is, but Sakurai confirmed that the fighter's reveal and subsequent release will be available "this year as planned". We'll have to wait and see what Nintendo and Sakurai have in store for Super Smash Bros Ultimate's final DLC fighter. Stay tuned for more info.

Who do you want the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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