Dragon Quest X May Have a Chance at Localization

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It’s a tremendous time to be a Dragon Quest fan at the moment, with the long-running RPG franchise receiving some much-needed attention. During a dedicated Dragon Quest panel at PAX West, Noriyoshi Fujimoto of Square Enix addressed a number of questions from fans. Among these questions was the localization of Dragon Quest X, a title currently slated as a Japan exclusive.

Fujimoto did not outwardly deny localization attempts, instead opting for a more passive recognition of a possibility. With appropriate support, Fujimoto stated that ‘…perhaps Square Enix would consider it.’ He cited the immense task of localizing a game of that scale as the primary reason, though the fan support that was amassed in the localization process of Dragon Quest VII could serve as a solid driving force.

Dragon Quest X was initially launched in Japan back in 2012 for the original Wii, where it was considered to be a highly ambitious title. It’s the first entry in the franchise to contain a significant online component, essentially playing more like an MMO than a traditional JRPG. Players can communicate and collaborate online, working together to tackle dungeons, defeat enemies and seek treasure. Numerous re-releases followed across multiple platforms, including the 3DS, Windows, Wii U, and an upcoming debut on the PlayStation 4. Each release has remained exclusively within Japan.


The last title in the Dragon Quest franchise to reach a Western audience was the 3DS port of Dragon Quest VII earlier this year. Dragon Quest VIII will follow shortly after, with a release date scheduled for 2017. In terms of spin-off titles, Dragon Quest Builders is due for release in October this year. Prior to this rather sudden boom, the Dragon Quest franchise has been rather quiet outside of Japan, with several titles going unreleased, and significant delays for the games that do make it across.

While there’s no inherent guarantee of a localization for Dragon Quest X, it would certainly be an interesting title to make the jump. Bringing an MMO over is no small feat, but there’s a lot of promise, and it would be a very strong sign of support for the franchise.

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