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Dragon Quest Builders Coming to the Nintendo Switch Early 2018

Gaming article by Kyle Johnson on Monday, December 18, 2017 - 13:23

Dragon Quest Builders will be released worldwide on the Switch in early February next year, ahead of its release for Japan. This news comes out of Jump Festa, where a fair amount of gameplay and a new trailer was shown off. The worldwide release date of February 9th was also corroborated by Nintendo of America on Twitter. It is worth noting that this is not the West's first brush with Dragon Quest Buildersas it was originally showcased on Sony platforms. The trailer linked below interestingly reveals that Japan gets Dragon Quest Builders on March 1st, nearly a full month after the rest of the world. If you're in need of a Dragon Quest/Minecraft fusion, you can pick up Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch on February 9th.


As one might expect, the Switch version of Builders, released almost two years after the PS3, PS4 and Vita versions, comes with some exclusive content. Forbes reports that two new recipes and a new rideable animal will be included, and I would expect more content to be revealed in the coming weeks. If anyone is on the fence about Builders, a free demo for the Switch will come out on February 1st. As one might expect seeing gameplay of Builders, the game revolves around rebuilding the land of Alefgard. Taking place in an alternate ending to the first Dragon Quest, after the hero is eliminated by the Dragon Lord, monsters ravaged the land for hundreds of years. Now, as the new hero, your job is to rebuild the kingdom.

This release of Dragon Quest Builders for the Switch comes ahead of the release for Builders 2. Ever since its announcement last August, Square Enix has been strangely silent regarding the sequel. Set to be released for the PS4 and Switch, little is known, other than it will feature four-player multiplayer, underwater areas, and triple the block height ceiling. With no news about Builders 2 coming out of Jump Festa, we'll settle for Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch, releasing worldwide on February 9th and in Japan on March 1st.

What do you think of Dragon Quest Builders coming to the Switch? If you've already played it would you want to buy it again? Are there any changes you'd like to see in the new version?

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