Dragon Age DLC Jaws of Hakkon

Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Coming in May

May 2, 2015 6:21 PM

By: Robert Grosso


Dragon Age: Inquisition is at long last getting a major DLC update for systems outside of the Xbox One and PC.




BioWare announced that their first major DLC for Inquisition, Jaws of Hakkon, will finally be released on May 26th for the Playsation 4, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Previously, Jaws of Hakkon was released for the Xbox One and the PC back in March, as part of an exclusivity agreement with Microsoft. As a part of the agreement, BioWare and their parent company, Electronic Arts, could not divulge details or information regarding the release of Jaws of Hakkon for other systems until May.



The backlash over this exclusivity deal was heavy against BioWare, with many fans believing the DLC wouldn't be coming out for a long time on other platforms, if at all. Community manager Aaryn Flynn during a Q&A session on Kotaku addressed the controversy by stating, "I hope no one boycotts the purchase, as it's a pretty fun adventure that WILL be available on all platforms. That said, everyone is free to vote / message / communicate how they feel, so if that happens it happens. We're definitely paying attention."

Jaws of Hakkon is not the only DLC coming for Inquisition this month. Next week, two free DLCs will hit the market, one for single player, and one for multiplayer. The single player DLC will be the long-awaited return of The Black Emporium first teased during their beta program a few months back. The Black Emporium adds a new shop to Inquisition, where players can purchase rare weapons, armor and crafting materials, and the mirror of transformation, which allows players to change their appearance.



Dragon Age Dragonslayer DLC Isabela

The second DLC will be for Inquisitions multiplayer, titled Dragonslayer. Dragonslayer will feature a new challenge as players will have to work together to take down dragons in multiplayer for new rewards, as well as a new multiplayer map, a Ferelden Castle.

The DLC also features three new characters to play as. For warriors, they will access the Aavar named Skywatcher, who was first seen in the main game. Mage players will remember Zither, the Virtuoso. Zither was leaked on April 1st by BioWare, but the character turns out to be real. Rogue players will find a familiar face in Isabela, one of the companions from Dragon Age II, as she makes a return to Inquisition as a playable character.

Both the Black Emporium and Dragonslayer will be released on May 5th for all platforms.



So is all of this DLC getting you exited for more Dragon Age? Leave your comments below.

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