Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Named as Next Dragon Age Game

The Dread Wolf rises! BioWare has revealed that 'Dragon Age: Dreadwolf' is the official title for Dragon Age 4.

Published: June 2, 2022 1:13 PM /


Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Dragon Age 4 Name Announced cover

The official name for Dragon Age 4 has finally been revealed by BioWare -- the next Dragon Age game is called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

A few years ago, BioWare released a trailer for the next Dragon Age game at The Game Awards 2018. In the time since then, this game has been referred to as Dragon Age 4 since we did not yet know the official name of the game. That trailer also featured the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises -- and now we know a little more about what it means thanks to BioWare revealing the title of its next project.

What is Dragon Age: Dreadwolf?

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is the official name for Dragon Age 4, the next game in the Dragon Age franchise.

"Our next game now has an official name," read a blog post from BioWare. "We know you’ve anxiously awaited new details, and today we’re excited to reveal the official title of the next adventure across the lands of Thedas Dragon Age: Dreadwolf."

The "Dread Wolf" in the name is an enigmatic elven character named Solas that we learned more about back in 2020, following his role in Dragon Age: Inquisition. A quick recap of what we know about him was also included in today's blog post:

Solas, the Dread Wolf. Some say he might be an ancient elven god, but some say not. Others say a betrayer of his people…or a savior who now seeks to rescue them at the cost of your world. His motives are inscrutable and his methods sometimes questionable, earning him a reputation as something of a trickster deity[--]a player of dark and dangerous games.

Whether you’re new to Dragon Age stories or you’ve experienced them all, using Solas’s namesake no doubt suggests a spectrum of endless possibilities on where things may go. But at the core of this, like every past game, is you. If you’re new to Dragon Age, you have no need to worry about not having met our antagonist just yet. He’ll properly introduce himself when the time is right, but we did hint at his return when we announced #TheDreadWolfRises back in 2018.

Solas was a companion and a romance option for female elf Inquisitors in Dragon Age: Inquisition. He has a particulate interest in the Fade and prefers to study its machinations over dealing with the concerns of mortals, although he has been known to share his knowledge when needed.

When is the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Release Date?

The Dragon Age: Dreadwolf release date will not be until 2023 at the earliest; BioWare has said that the game will not release this year. A more specific release date has not yet been announced. That said, VentureBeat reports that the game is on track for a 2023 release date according to its sources as of last summer.

Sadly, that's all we know about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf for now; we'll likely learn more about this game in the coming months now that BioWare has revealed its name. Until then, we can look forward to unraveling the mystery of the Dreadwolf -- hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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