Dragalia Lost Shutdown Coming This November

Published: August 30, 2022 8:48 AM /


Four warriors in Dragalia Lost facing off against a giant dragon in a volcano

Cygames and Nintendo have announced the Dragalia Lost shutdown date. The popular gacha action RPG will close down this November after more than four years, and as of today, you won't be able to purchase premium currency anymore either.

When is the Dragalia Lost shutdown date?

Per an announcement on the official Dragalia Lost website, the Dragalia Lost shutdown date is November 30th. Nintendo and Cygames originally announced that the game would come to a close earlier this year, but now we've got a final date, so make sure you're setting your affairs within the game in order. 

In preparation for the shutdown, as of today, you're no longer able to purchase the premium diamantium currency in Dragalia Lost. You can still use whatever diamantium you've got to buy in-game items right up until the shutdown date, though, so if you're still sitting on some, you'd better start spending it sharpish.

Four of the characters in Dragalia Lost sitting around a campfire
I wonder if these four Dragalia Lost characters are regaling one another about the halcyon days of the game.

Starting from October 31st, you also won't be able to purchase Upgrade Essentials and Packs using your diamantium, so pick those up before then if you want them. Anything else for which you need diamantium will still be accessible right up until the game's service closes down, though. If you try to play Dragalia Lost after service ends, you'll simply receive an error message. Truly, it's the end of an era.

What is, or was, Dragalia Lost?

If you're unfamiliar with this game, here's a quick primer. Dragalia Lost is, or was, one of several Cygames RPGs with gacha mechanics available on mobile. You might recognize Cygames' name from games like Granblue Fantasy (as well as its fighting spinoff Granblue Fantasy: Versus) and Rage of Bahamut, although many of its games never managed to make their way to the West. 

Dragalia Lost was originally announced back in April 2018 and subsequently released in September of that same year. It's enjoyed crossovers with many prominent franchises, including Fire EmblemPersona, and Monster Hunter. Although this may be the end of Dragalia Lost, it's far from the end for Cygames, which still has several games in development including a Granblue Fantasy console RPG that's set to launch next year. Stay tuned for more info on that and on all things Cygames.


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