Dr. Who coding game released on iOS and Android

Published: February 3, 2015 1:50 AM /


Dr. Who the Doctor and the Daleks

When Dr. Who was first conceived in 1962, the BBC had intended it to be an educational show teaching kids about science and history through a series of time traveling adventures.

While that changed when the Daleks first appeared in the show's second serial, the BBC's recent freeware game Dr. Who: The Doctor and the Dalek, which helps teach kids the basics of coding and programming, brought the franchise a bit closer to its educational roots.

Yesterday the franchise was brought even closer when Dr. Who: The Doctor and the Dalek, was released for iOS and Android, and was updated to include four new levels, thenextweb.com reported yesterday. The game is only available in the UK.

Along with the new levels and iOS and Android compatibility, BBC has also released a series of gaming guides to help teach players to use the game and coding system.

Released in October of last year as part of the BBCs initiative to help get kids interested in computer science - which led to BBC announcing plans for shows, games and competitions to support coding education -  Dr. Who: The Doctor and the Dalek focuses on the twelfth regeneration of the doctor who saves a Dalek to prevent the destruction of life throughout the universe. The player navigates the Dalek through a series of stages set within the Dr. Who universe, including the never-before seen Sontaran homeworld and the Clone Chambers. The game's story was written by Phil Ford, one of the writers for the Dr. Who TV series and writer of the majority of the Dr. Who: The Adventure Games series.

In order to proceed through the game the player must gain new skills by completing coding puzzles. The puzzles are based around Boolean coding logic, in which players are given a series of multiple choice answers in which each answer leads them to a separate group of answers.

The show, which first went on the air in 1963-1989, was revived in 2005 and is still on the air with upcoming episodes planned, focuses on a humanoid alien who travels through time and space to save civilizations in need. The game's other title characters, the Daleks, a race of alien cyborgs that view themselves as a master race and aim to destroy all other living creatures, have been a staple of the show since its second season.



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