DOTA 2's Summer Event Turns The Game Into A Roguelite

Published: July 15, 2020 10:03 AM /



The DOTA Team has unveiled a new mode for DOTA 2: a 1-4 player cooperative roguelike that is available for everyone and F2P.

With 1-4 players you can all pick the different difficulties. These range from Apprentice (the easiest mode), Magician, Sorcerer, Granmd Magus, and a Aghanim's Trial that seemingly resets every day. Players will go from room to room as they play, and as they do they will be faced with choices. What skills will you require, and what rewards do players desire? Which monsters do you want to fight next? If you choose wrong, you'll all get beaten to within an inch (and usually beyond) your life, so you and your group will have to choose carefully.

Players can also collect Aghnaim Scepter Shards to make themselves more powerful as each runs progresses. One ability called Phalanx is used when players activate Bulwark, where Mars will summon "3 invulnerable and unmovable soldiers next to him. Soldiers have an attack range of 300, and death 25 + 25% of Mars's [sic] Base Attack Damage with each hit. Soldiers last for the full duration of Bulwark.

Also, players who have a Battle Pass and play will unlock up to 2,000 Batle Points each week, which is pretty swell. 

What's even more swell (besides TechRaptor, of course) is this website that explains everything to do with the mode. If that tickles your pickle, be sure to download DOTA 2 and give it a go.

Quick Take

This seems pretty cool. I'll never complain about free stuff, especially when it sounds as neat as this mode. Doesn't mean I'll play it, but this sounds neat enough that I could see this becoming part of the actual game with some updates here and there. Just make it a custom mode with some matchmaking and boom, another calling card that DOTA fans can boast about.

What do you think of this new mode? Are you going to try it? Do you even like DOTA? Let us know in the comments!

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