Dota 2 Tease Oracle and New Update

Published: November 15, 2014 3:28 PM /


dota 2 oracle

Valve Corporation has released some new information on it's multiplayer online battle arena game DOTA 2. It seems that the next hero to be added to the roster is Nerif, the Oracle. Oracle is an intelligence hero who's current speculative four skills are:

1. Fortune's End: Channels Oracle's power into a bolt of scouring energy for up to 2.5 seconds. When released the bolt strikes the targeted enemy, dealing damage and purging in an area around them. The purge duration is equal to the time spent channeling. 2. Fate's Edict: Oracle enraptures the target, rendering them unable to attack, granting them 100% spell resistance, and increasing the damage they take from other damage types. Can be cast on both allies and enemies. 3. Purifying Flames: Burns away impurities from the target, dealing heavy damage and causing them to regenerate life each second over the duration. Can be cast on both allies and enemies. 4. False Promise: Temporarily alters the target ally's destiny, delaying all damage, healing and regeneration effects on them until False Promise ends. Ally is granted invisibility while attacking and moving. Removes all negative status effects when applied.

You can read more about speculative stats and information over on it's Dota 2 Wiki page. There has been a comic released about the Oracle which you can read over on Dota 2's website. Keep that page bookmarked because the recent format for hero updates includes more additions than simply the hero itself, so you can track new updates as Valve releases it. There has also been an update to the Dota 2 Workshop:

the Dota 2 Workshop has been redesigned to include a voting queue, which will make it easier for Dota workshop users to discover new items to vote on, as well as let us on the Dota team know which items you’d like to see shipped in-game.

The new design will also make it easier to browse new item submissions by authors you follow, find out what your friends are favoriting, and receive Workshop-related updates from the Dota 2 team. Workshop authors should now mark their sets as “sets” in the “edit collection” page, as this will give us a better opportunity to showcase your item sets.


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