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Published: April 24, 2016 4:08 PM /


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With the DOOM PC beta wrapping up the folks over at id have seen fit to show off what options will be available for tinkering with in the PC version of the game. They revealed a list of options that will be available in the full version of the game on launch but were either absent or different in the beta. 

Id's CTO Robert Duffy shared that the game will have an uncapped framerate on PC, ultrawide 21:19 moniter support and a wide variety of options to help PC gamers tune the experience to their hardware. The list of options for DOOM is as follows:

  • Manually Lock Framerate (un-locked by default)
  • Lights Quality
  • Chromatic Aberration Toggle
  • Shading Quality
  • Post Process Quality
  • Particles Quality
  • Game F/X Quality
  • Decal Quality
  • Directional Occlusion
  • Reflections Quality
  • Depth of Field Toggle
  • Decal / Texture Filtering
  • Motion Blur Quality / Toggle
  • Sharpening Amount
  • Lens Flare Toggle
  • Lens Dirt Toggle
  • Texture Atlas Size
  • Show Performance Metrics
  • Resolution Scaling
  • UI Opacity
  • Film Grain
  • Rendering Mode
  • FOV Slider
  • Simple Reticle
  • Show First-person Hands Toggle
  • Use Compute Shaders
  • Vsync (support or triple buffering) 

Looking at the options, we can see some of how modifiable the game will be visually. The option to lock your frame rate allows the option of ensuring that you don`t have a variable framerate and instead have a steady 30 or 60 fps if you prefer.  Show first-person hands toggle is an interesting feature that will no doubt be familiar to Quake players. Many PC players that suffer from simulation sickness will be happy to have the option to crank up the FOV slider, beyond the solid 105 that was already available in the recent beta.

 DOOM's Vsync looks like it has more than just a toggle on off with support and triple buffering being listed. You'll also be able to turn off those pesky visual filters like film grain, lens flare and lens dirt. One of the few options that seems to be missing is a colorblind mode, as well as the ability to adjust the model size. That however, like some other options might be hidden in other menus like the gameplay menu depending on how id is organizing the menus as we know even less about that as the game approaches release.

What do you think of these options? Do you think they are sufficient? What options do you think are missing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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