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DOOM came around two months ago now, blowing everyone away, including us, with the single player campaign, though not exactly much so with the multiplayer and SnapMap components. Still, there is a dedicated audience that plays the multiplayer, and mappers ranging from casual to hardcore like to make use of SnapMap (yours truly included). Today's update, sized up to an impressive 12 gigabytes, contains a respectable amount of bug fixes and some long awaited content for SnapMappers.

The update notes start with a plethora of bug fixes including performance degradation in the Polar Core stage in single player, a number of achievement bugs introduced in the first update, a fix relating to crash to desktop errors using current Nvidia drivers, a bug fix on the Gauss Cannon's alt fire Charge mod, and the removal of multiplayer damage indicators from single player instances. 

New content includes two new multiplayer modes, Sector and Exodus. Sector involves the capture of certain points on the map and then holding them to score.  Exodus in a single flag CTF mode where the flag and capture points are moved repeatedly. The two new modes can be played on any map currently out, and will be able to be played on future maps.

But the real meat of the update involves SnapMap, and quite some meat it is, more than what you can saw off a standard Pinky.

Added were several Hell modules that allow you to build maps in DOOM's excellent representation of the realm of demons, with a matching set of props, some of which allow you to artificially add windows to the skybox.  The best part is that you can build a map that has both UAC segments and Hell segments courtesy of a Hell Portal module that allows you to transition between the two realms, allowing more creativity on SnapMap than was previously possible. Also added were the Pistol (specifically, EMG Mark V, a new weapon due out in upcoming multiplayer DLC) with limited cell ammo, the Chainsaw, and the Static Rifle, a weapon that gains charge while you move which was previously only available in multiplayer. 

Other SnapMap additions include a customizable weapon ring to allow selection similar to single player, an increase in weapon slots which can be customized by the mapper, new interactables such as the Gore Nest from singleplayer, Skull Keys, and more.  The Mancubus is now also player selectable as a controllable demon. Many logic controllers have been added and others have been updated. The popularly requested feature to allow weapons to be picked up when touched can now be toggled as well. Finally, containers that contain only one type of ammo have been added as well, which can be added to individual demon loot tables or placed in the world.

You can view the sizable amount of SnapMap additions in the patch notes.

Finally, in a closing note, Bethesda have been teasing the upcoming multiplayer DLC, Unto the Evil, and more upcoming free updates. As mentioned earlier, the DLC will introduce the EMG Mark V Pistol to the mutliplayer weapons list, as well as a new Kinetic Mine equipment item. There will be a new playable demon called the Harvester thrown into the mix alongside new taunts, customization options, hack modules, and more. Especially interesting is the new Party Play feature, which allows you to continue playing with other players in your party if they have the DLC but you do not if a DLC map comes up into the mix, and vice versa. Also in the pipes is an "arcade style scoring mode" for the singleplayer campaign, new free-for-all multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch, and more free additions to SnapMap.

Quick Take

The SnapMap additions made today are very welcome, as someone who has dabbled in SnapMap myself. The addition of the Pistol finally addresses an issue with early escalation courtesy of the Shotgun's incredible power, the Heavy Rifle's high DPS, and the Burst Rifle's low ammo capacity. The addition of the Chainsaw and more control over Inventory and loadouts are also very welcome. I myself look forward to creating dual themed maps, as the Hell modules are, from what I've seen so far, beautifully detailed and the numerous amount of props is icing on the cake.

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