Doom Eternal Game Pass Release This Week, New Master Level Available

12/01/2020 - 10:43 | By: Patrick Perrault
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March 20, 2020
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December 3 for Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Parker Wilhelm, the Associate Content Manager for Bethesda Softworks, has announced that the Super Gore Nest Master Level is now available for Doom Eternal. The level will take the original level from the campaign and turn it up to 11, "adding more big bads and changing up combat encounters for a fresh, fast, and frenzied combat experience." Players will be able to show off their prowess by taking on the various difficulties and modes that are offered with the Super Gore Nest Master Level. Each time a challenge is completed, players will unlock a special cosmetic reward and inch their way closer to the final prize, which is a Gold Combat Shotgun Skin.

Players will also be able to try a new mode that hasn't been released with a Master Level before: Classic Mode, which helps players relive Doom's origins and makes them beat the level like it's 1993. This means that you'll start Super Gore Nest with the Combat Shotgun and earning every gun and mod on-site until you get everything back. Once you complete the Super Gore Nest on Classic Mode you'll receive the Classic Green Slayer Skin, along with some street cred with your Doom homies.

Doom Eternal Xbox Game Pass release on PC will be on December 3, which gives you latecomers the opportunity to play the award-winning campaign, BattleMode, and the new Super Gore Nest Master Level and Classic Mode that comes with it. 

If you can't wait and must rip and tear right now, be sure to check out Doom Eternal on Steam, where it's 67% off and will cost you approximately $19.79 Freedom Dollars. You can also unlock game in-game content for the game if you join the Slayers Club here.


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