Don't Starve Together Adds Crab King, Warns of Future Delays

Published: April 23, 2020 2:21 PM /


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A new Don't Starve Together update has arrived! The She Sells Sea Shells content update has some pretty cool new things, but the devs are also warning that you might have to wait a bit to play any future content.

Check out the trailer for Sea Sells Sea Shells to see some adorably dark cinematics featuring the Crab King:

What New in She Sells Sea Shells?

A few cool new things are being added into this neat multiplayer survival game. One of the most obvious is the addition of the Crab King, a terrifying new monster that can be encountered out on the open sea.

Why would you be dumb enough to head out on a ramshackle raft? For treasure, of course! Messages in bottles may lure you towards some fantastic new treasures. You can hop on the Winch Boat and pull up some Sunken Treasures or even some Singing Shells!

Players can also explore the new Moon fragment island, catch new fish for the season, or take on the Wobster in the Wobster den if they so choose.

New premium cosmetics have also arrived. The Adventurer's Belongings Chest has 5 skins and costs $5.99, and the Outdoorsy Belongings Chest has eight items and costs $8.99. Alternatively, you can pick up both in the Spring Cleaning Bundle for $11.99.

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Don't Starve Together Devs Warn of Potential Delays

While this new content from the fine folks at Klei is most welcome, they're also warning people that there may be delays for future content.

On to the next thing! Now is a good time to mention that we are currently in the middle of evaluating our schedule. We're definitely beginning to see issues creep in from our current situation working from home. We're looking to shift things around a bit so we can still have something for you every month. The next update coming will likely be smaller as we work on the larger stuff like the next new character and the next Return of Them update. When we have more information on that, we'll let you know. 

This update is live for PC now, but it will be making its way to console sometime in the next week. Check out the full She Sells Sea Shells patch notes for all the fine details. If you don't yet already own this game, you can buy Don't Starve Together on Steam for $14.99 or your regional equivalent.

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What do you think of this new content coming from Klei? Will you venture out onto the open waters or are you more of a landlubber? Let us know in the comments below!


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