Donate $6 to Extra Life and Get Access to Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta

July 4, 2015 8:30 AM

By: Andrew Otton


Extra Life has announced a partnership with Ubisoft where if you donate $6 or more to Extra Life you will receive guaranteed access with your own code to the Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta that begins on September 24th. Your donation will be sent directly to your local Children's Miracle Network hospital to help children in your community.

Extra Life also noted that Ubisoft is offering players the chance to compete for a grand prize trip to Los Angeles when they opt-in to The Siege Games when entering the closed beta. All you need to do is play for a high score in September for your chance to win.




Rainbow Six Siege is the next in the Rainbow Six series of tactical, co-op FPS gameplay. The spin on this entry into the series is that emphasis on "siege" where defenders will have to fortify their position with traps and barricades, while the other team tries to breach, destroy, and avoid whatever has been set up to complete their objective. Check out here to read more about Rainbow Six Siege.

For those unfamiliar with Extra Life, Extra Life is a charitable organization that sets up an event yearly where people can commit to a 24 hour marathon of video games to raise money for a chosen Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Obviously, that is the main event every year but you can donate whenever you would like.



The funds are then sent to that Children's Miracle Network Hospital where they decide how it may best be used to have the biggest effect on the kids they treat. That means it may go towards funding research, training, equipment, or a variety of other necessities.

Check out here to read more on Extra Life's frequently asked questions and here about what Extra Life is and how it all got started.



Do you plan on making a donation to Extra Life?

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