Dollhouse Beta Coming Tomorrow for Film Noir Horror Game

Published: April 11, 2019 11:29 AM /


dollhouse beta

Creazn Studio has announced that the Dollhouse open beta will be on Steam as early as tomorrow, Friday 12th April for the film noir horror game. The game follows the story of Marie, a detective who is searching for the truth surrounding the death of her own daughter after she lost her memories of that dreaded night. Dollhouse features customizable characters, procedurally generated maps and both a single-player story mode and an online-multiplayer.

Dollhouse is a first-person psychological horror game which has a huge cast of characters, as well as a non-linear narrative which changes based on random generation as well as the choices that the play makes throughout the storyline. The multiplayer mode pits players against each other as they must solve their own mystery while trying to hunt down a target before they're hunted down themselves.


One of the most interesting features of the game is the 'perspective' ability which allows you to look through the eyes of your target, which is your main method of tracking them down in both single player and multiplayer. The game takes a lot of inspiration visually from Film Noir, a brand of cinema characterized by stark, contrasted lighting and overly dark tones and themes, as well as the liberal inclusion of detectives, gangsters, and murder.

The beta will start Friday, April 11th at 1PM CEST and closes again on Wednesday at 4PM CEST and features 2 hours of the singleplayer storyline. The open beta will also include two of the maps from the online mode which can be played with between 2 - 7 players. Dollhouse will be released on Steam May 24th this year and will also receive a physical release on PS4.

What do you think about Dollhouse and its Noir inspiration? Will you be playing in the Dollhouse beta? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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