Doctor Who Infinity Getting Three More Episodes

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Doctor Who Infinity Getting Three More Episodes

November 26, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo

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Doctor Who Infinity, the match-3 meets Doctor Who game, has gotten three more stand-alone episodes.

At launch, the game only had two episodes. Each episode is a stand-alone story that has you playing as a different doctor, with motion comics telling the story between sessions of match-3 combat. At launch, the game offered The Dalek Invasion of Time, which had you play as the Twelfth Doctor as she tries to stop a Dalek invasion triggered by a mysterious young girl, and The Orphans of the Polyoptra, which has you take the role of the Third Doctor who finds some children in World War 2 that ask for his help in traveling back in time.

The first of the new stories is The Horror of Flat Holm, which has you play as the Fourth Doctor. He'll be dealing with time-traveling Cybermen, with the story jumping around through various different time periods.

The second new story is The Silent Streets of Barry Island, a romantic murder mystery starring the Eleventh Doctor. The doctor travels to the snowy Barry Island, where he stumbles upon a murder and finds himself having to solve it. Ultimately, it turns a beach getaway into a disaster full of dead bodies and missing people.


The final story is called The Lady of the Lake, however, it's a bit of a mystery. There are currently no details on what exactly this story will entail or which Doctor you'll step into the role of. The name, however, does hint at an Arthurian tale. There's currently no word on if future stories starring other Doctors are going to be added to the game.

Doctor Who Infinity is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android devices.

How do you feel about these new stories? Going to pick up Doctor Who Infinity? Have any general opinions about Doctor Who that you want to share? Let us know all about your favorite Doctor in the comments below!

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